a poets treasury is not in just forging good aromatic words, for words often fail to be grasped in their entirety, or meaning
for words, through the separation by layers of subtle meaning, which authors exercise full liberty upon to separate,
may delight, or enlighten, but the same layers render words practically useless unless the thoughts underlying them
resonate with some aspects of the real life of readers.
The messages, symbolisms and emotions behind the words of poems, what the author has felt already,
are of vital use, only when a reader can use them like a tool, to progress, gain strength from, or get inspired from.
Words thus ought to be like a bee that looks wonderful and poetic, when seen from a distance,
but is also useful for it stores nectar which is vital for life.
For such words and poems, beauty means not what is felt and forgotten, but that which stays,
that which refuse to decay from your thoughts, that which has won your mind has settled forever in your heart.


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