Jinnah ROW #May2018

History is often kind to people, but only in the making – and only a fool would rest his belief in its kindness.

Shocking to see these facebook feeds of Indian people supporting Jinnah. Like characters ‘Ghisu’ and Madhav’ (out from Premchand’s Kafan) – carefree of the consequences of what they think or do, I think they neither know our history well (except for some internet tatters here and there) nor have any reverence for future (present already at stake).

Why would such idiots draw their ‘credit’ line from such views – supporting stone pelters (dubbing them as the youth in distress), organize rallies for Burhaan (dubbing him as a freedom fighter), and worse supporting their own likes (come what may, do what may)? …

and now we have Jinnah – one of the most communal, by his own biographers’ account – as a fulcrum to balance their mindlessness and ignorance against truth.

Really shocking, and sad.. !


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