Evolution wall*

The wallscape of their minds
is a story like an entire evolution –
the loot that was perpetrated
the crimes they wore
like a jewel in their crown.
The murders that were done
and forgotten like a chapter
in an elementary school book
and the bullets and bombs
that exploded inside the homes

and then by the first sight of revolt,
they raised their swords against
the big book of rules
righteousness, like the fate of Ram
exiled from its own kingdom
by its own trusted men.

A time period of evolution has passed, 
but the projections settled as thoughts old as eels 
and reptiles, still probe the land sites 
of fractured democracy.

The elected truth cheated us all –
my grandfather, my father 
and now this overwhelming generation 
of the half-tutored 
youth is all set to die 
in dire oblivion and disappointments.


Poem Notes:
*tried to express the way Congress and the likes are murdering democracy like a championed trick, and the sorry state of youth-affairs blind to it.
*the title is borrowed from a roadside wall in Hyderabad on which the story of evolution is painted.
*big book of rules is the Constitution


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