About me


I am Amit Radha Krishna Nigam.

someday i will wear dark lines over my forehead, will have deep glasses over my eyes, crowded white hairs.
someday people will identify me by my work, read my name, reference my papers and gift my books.
someday friends will remember their days with me, cherish memories and plan reunion.
some day, life would be closing its doors slowly.
some day would be perfect to ask–about me.

About Me:

Amit Radha Krishna Nigam (Son of Smt Shobha Nigam and Dr. R.K Nigam), 30, works as an IT professional with an MNC currently based out of Hyderabad and has been writing poetry since the last 15 years.
A few of his favorite poetry includes collections of Tagore, Mira, Sara, Gulzar, Ghalib, Eugenio Montale, Shakespeare Sonnets, Blake, RWE, Kipling, ABV, Ramakrishna. Besides above, many other contemporary and classic Indian poets and philosophers of Hindi, Urdu and English have a vast impression upon him.
Besides poetry, he also writes short stories and general articles on computer research, economic and other subjects of social importance (http://porterfolio.net/arkn).
His first collection appeared in an ebook selling at lulu.com titled ‘Awake wonder and lost’. He has been a runner-up at Writing Knights International poetry event (Ohio US) for his poem (The pure pains). ‘Pilgrims’ is his second English Poetry Collection, and ‘Musings of Desire’ third. He is currently busy writing his fourth book, a novella on identity crisis and Transgender Issues.
You can reach him directly at – arknbooks@gmail.com.

Writings (1995- 2017)…

Books Published

The Re-Reckoning’, LeadStart.
Musings of Desire‘, Partridge.
Pilgrims’, LeadStart.
‘Awake Wonder and Lost’, Self Published

English Poems Written: 722
• 150 (Published in the book The Re-Reckoning’)
• 170 (Musings of Desire)
• 78 (Pilgrims)
• 55 (Awake Wonder ad Lost)
• 159 (Unpublished)
• 20 (School Days)
• 90 (Lost due a hard disk crash in 2001)

Hindi Poems: 115
• 80 (Unpublished Poems/Nazms)
• 35 (Unpublished Ghazals)

Prose (Eng+Hindi): 
• Total Word Count – 1,45,000
• Total Word Count ~ 60,000 (lost due a hard disk crash in 2001)
• Total books in Progress – 4

Prose (English Short Stories):
• 18

• 1

Opinions / Blogs
• Blogs / Articles –138
• Diary entries – 494

• 2

• 5


Internet Presence


Books and Poetry





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