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‘Markings’ To the Quebec and Montreal trip with friends, 2019   The balls on the pool table were arranged perfectly in a triangular rack – as if wanting to be serviced and broken.   Before we arrived in the house, clean white towels were stacked and paper tissues pointed to near perfection. Wood set up […]

प्रथम संवाद

मेरे और तुम्हारे बीच अभी संवाद कैसा। मेरी आँखें देख चुकीं इस दुनिया का आधा सच और पूरा झूठ। और तुम्हारी निष्पाक्ष, सुप्त हैं अभी आधी बंद आधी खुली किसी भी भेद भाव को जानने में असमर्थ मेरे शब्द, जड़ता और निपुणता में डूबे पी चुके क्लेश और सौभाग्य का रस तुम्हारे, अनावृत, दो चार […]

Evolution wall*

The wallscape of their minds is a story like an entire evolution – the loot that was perpetrated the crimes they wore like a jewel in their crown. The murders that were done and forgotten like a chapter in an elementary school book and the bullets and bombs that exploded inside the homes and then […]


a poets treasury is not in just forging good aromatic words, for words often fail to be grasped in their entirety, or meaning for words, through the separation by layers of subtle meaning, which authors exercise full liberty upon to separate, may delight, or enlighten, but the same layers render words practically useless unless the […]

Reviews of my Fourth book The Re-Reckoning (01)

A passage to India*

This great nation an eternal river of wisdom running back out of the ocean – the source of everything known and unknown; seeking dry worlds to moisten the ignorance born. This great land a bearer of a million beaming Suns dazzling out from the galaxy of the billions, the forebear of philosophies, of religions to […]

let go.

the honour of love is to let it go when it be made sure that it will not come back upon calling. it is wise on a lover’s judgement to forgo love, that can not beseech peace in its bosom where it was grown, and not become a subject of its residue for the rest of […]