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Vijay Sheshadri : a poet who stimulates deep subconscious reality.

I have been rereading poems of Pulitzer winning poet Vijay Sheshadri since over a year now and I can see how his poetry has become more complex, more natural and deeper. From his first book, first poem to his Pulitzer winning collection ‘3 Sections’, he, through his poems, has covered a journey that takes one […]

Analysis of Derek Walcott’s poem ‘SEA GRAPES’

Analysis of Derek Walcott’s poem ‘SEA GRAPES’ Derek’s Caribbean experiences get more metaphorical in this piece, the only difference is that now he has found a close analogy in one of the classical Greek epics to shape his thoughts of a daunting journey back home. This poem borrows much of its central imagery from the life […]

Analysis of Derek Walcott’s Poem ‘Time, that gnaws at bronze lions and dolphins’

Analysis of Derek Walcott’s Poem ‘Time, that gnaws at bronze lions and dolphins’ Drawing from his own Caribbean experiences (‘Him’ in the second verse could refer to himself) of excessivity in everything – summer, inconclusive wonderment, juxtapositioned with the places he travels outside of his nativism where, with new encounters, he continue to metamorphose everything he […]

Ajit Barua : A keeper of Modern Assamese Poetry

  Ajit Barua A keeper of Modern Assamese Poetry Ajit Barua (1926-2015) was an eminent Assamese poet and a noted literary critic who published several collections of his poems including the 1991 Sahitya Academy winning poetry ‘Brahmaputra Ityadi Padya’ (Brahmaputra and Other Poems). He was known for his adoption of poetry techniques from Eliot era1 (Eliotean […]

Kamala Das : whose expression of Love was both a cornerstone and overdose.

I am starting this special weekly blog section to review poetry of some of the classical and neo-classical poets our times, not in great scholarly details but sufficient enough to take us to a short journey into the mind of the poet or poetess and what influenced them. Starting today from the Nobel prize nominated […]

ANALYSIS OF Stephen Burt POEM ‘Silt’

ANALYSIS OF Stephen Burt POEM ‘Silt’ Thoughts come to us in the form of fine grains like silt but they don’t always stay. They form a vague image in our mind that is hard to express practically or lucidly. And they are plenty, they pile up, they grow but retaining their unspeakable virtue. In the […]

Top 25 Best Poems of All Times…

*Rank. Author – Poem Alfred Lord Tennyson  – Ulysses Carl Sandburg  – Fog Charles Bukowski  – A Smile To Remember Edgar Allan Poe  – Annabel Lee Emily Dickinson – “Hope” is the thing with feathers Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  – A Psalm of Life John Keats –  Bright Star Langston Hughes – Dreams Maya Angelou – […]