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a poets treasury is not in just forging good aromatic words, for words often fail to be grasped in their entirety, or meaning for words, through the separation by layers of subtle meaning, which authors exercise full liberty upon to separate, may delight, or enlighten, but the same layers render words practically useless unless the […]

let go.

the honour of love is to let it go when it be made sure that it will not come back upon calling. it is wise on a lover’s judgement to forgo love, that can not beseech peace in its bosom where it was grown, and not become a subject of its residue for the rest of […]

Poets who came and went as they liked..

Take a note of this… Mark Twain, came with Hailey’s comet and went along with it to the other side of the world on April 21, 1910 as he once spoke of it. A high dose of whiskeys and unconditional pneumonia took away the best of Dylan Thomas. Li Bai, Chinese poetry legend, couldn’t resist […]

Alone with everybody

Charles Bukowski poem ‘Alone with everybody’ is a short but poignant read. How we may enjoy certain moments and be happy in that moment but nothing seems to fill. The emptiness which cannot be described, never seem to subside and the things that we may say that we truly own, our memories, they too just stick […]

It is not into poet’s diction or degree, or his perplexing style complexity, or words that are remote to common minds, play for grammarians of New york times that produces a great art form. It is only and only a poet’s Love and his nourishing that makes a great poem. Emily Dickinson, Rober Herrick, Sarah Teasdale, […]

Sharon Olds is the America’s Kamla Das. The more your poetry goes dark and personal, the more meaningful it becomes. Both are my favorite.

If there is a scale to balance emotional vs physical, then the pain of writing poetry is the same as giving birth to a baby. And in both cases, the end result is beautiful and author’s favorite. Poetic Impulses: 4/9/2017